[Гайд] Структуры CryEngine файлов / CryEngine file structures


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В своё время эти данные помогли мне написать парсер гео-файлов под aion emu. Пользуйтесь!
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These formats might be generic CryTek engine file formats, but I've only tested them on the demo of X-Isle. Written and researched by Andres.

Image files:
CryTek Compressed Textures (.cct)
: Model textures, normal maps, bumpmaps, and pre-rendered billboards of models.
CryTek Terrain Textures (.ctc): Terrain textures (DXT1 compressed)
.h16: Terrain heightmap. 1024x1024 array of 16bit integers (unsigned?).

CryTek Geometry File (.cgf)
: Meshes of all objects (static and dinos).
.cbb: Unknown. Array of 52 byte structures (floats), size related to mesh.num_verts
.cbi: Unknown. Array of ints.

.caf, .cal, .cct (see Images), .cgf (see Models), .cid, .csf

.lst: Unknown. struct { uint size; byte unknown[size][0x14]; }

CryTek Compressed Textures (.cct)​

Contains a single DXT compressed texture plus mipmaps.. If the filename ends with "_unm" the color components store a normal map, and the alpha channel stores the corresponding bump/heightmap.

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CryTek Terrain Textures (.ctc)​

Contains an array of square terrain texture tiles. First uint of file is the width/height of the textures (128 in X-Isle demo). Followed by an array of raw data for DXT1 compressed textures + mipmaps ie. 128*128/2 bytes for first texture, 64*64/2 for first mipmap, ..., 8 bytes for 4x4 mipmap, 8 bytes for 2x2 mipmap (8 bytes as must store full DXT1 block), 8 bytes for 1x1 mipmap, 128*128/2 bytes for second texture, ... . Size of array is unknown, read until end of file. (X-Isle demo "cover.ctc" contains 508 textures.)

CryTek Geometry File (.cgf)​

Contain a bunch of static meshes. Joint information for dinosaurs is stored elsewhere (format of which is not known).

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This might contain additional info about some unknown generic values:
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Haven't really looked into it, just enough to see that it doesn't support or contain Aion-specific mappings.