[Архивный гайд] Instance: Ophidian Bridge – Pathway 4.0


Командный игрок
Оригинала к сожалению не осталось, пытаюсь сохранить остатки.


Starting Point

The instance has a time limit to be completed, 25 minutes. The timer starts to run after the players break the Barricades (check the images bellow).


Lookouts, Occupation and Defense

The map has four Lookouts to be occupied by the players. In this part you will need to kill some mobs and destroy the portal, the portal will summon enemies, so destroy it!


Defensive Lookouts

When a certain of time passes the Beritra’s Lookout will recaptured the Balaur army, a message will pop out.

There will be 1-2 people watching the security checkpoints before it gets destroy recaptured the Balaur as quick as you can.


Bridge Lever

Four control units will appear, the bridge lever will pop out giving access to the last Boss. The bridge will be connected when you activate the bridge control unit.


Siege Weapon / Siege Car

Different from Rentus Base, this Instance has only ONE Siege Car/Weapon and one player need be designed to drive it. This weapon is very weak and need be escorted by the group, the group need farm the ammunition to use the Siege Weapon killing the Balaur mobs, is required 3 Ammunition Shell (name can change) to be able to attack.

The group will need use the Siege Weapon to kill the last Boss. He will start the battle with shielding himself as a protection against the attacks damaging him, the Siege Weapon can remove this shield so attack it three times! Loot him and you will get your compensation reward.



Additional Reward

As you checked in the first post about this Instance, this map has 3 chests to be opened, they are called Ophidian Ammunition Storage (remember, the name can change!), it contains gold and new coins or tokens?

As you see below you can gather the plant (wonder what it’s for? maybe for quest or materials needed to make something)