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[ Basic Attributes ]

POWER - determines a character's basic physical strength and has an effect on physical damage that is given to enemies while in combat.

HEALTH - is the amount of damage you can take in battle.

AGILITY - related directly to evade, parry or block during enemy attacks.

ACCURACY - determines how often a particular attack will land on an opponent. It affects your melee strikes and skills. Think about it as a hit rate boost.

KNOWLEDGE - relates to spell damage and spell accuracy.

WILL - affects each character's mana points and mana point recovery.

PHYSICAL DEFENSE - is the amount of resistance to physical attacks( melee ) a player can withstand. The higher the number, the better you are at resisting physical attacks.

EVASION - tells how well you can evade or dodge an attack. If you evade an attack, you will not take any damage on that particular attack. Evasion does not have an effect on spells that miss you due to your opponent having low accuracy.

BLOCK - requires a shield and will allow you to take less damage during an attack. Block is both chance to block and then if successful, a % of damage reduction based on shield item and enchantments / buffs.

PARRY - is a self defense attribute that allows you to use your weapon to fend off an attack. Parry does not prevent damage, it just lowers it( similar to block ).

MAGICAL RESISTANCE - is similar to Physical resistance but is for defending against magic attacks. Magical Resistance will help against things like debuffs and damage casts.

FIRE, WIND, WATER, EARTH RESISTANCE - pertains to elemental based spells and gives resistance against them. Low Points in this attribute means you will take more damage.

[ Items Attributes ]

ATTACK - relates to weapons damage and stack on to your weapon stats.

ACCURACY - stacks on to your character's accuracy attribute.

CRITICAL - increases your ability to give a critical hit. Criticals are one of the most important aspects of winning battles in Aion.

SPEED - is how fast you run, greater speed gives you a better chance of avaoiding enemy attacks in battle and prevents being kited.

MAGIC BOOST - increases spell damage.

MAGIC ACCURACY - determines how often you have a successful attack, accuracy is an important part of Aion pvp. Magical Accuracy increase the landing rate of stuns, binds, silence, etc.

ATTACK SPEED - determines how often your weapon strikes, usually higher speed mean lower per attack damage. you want a good blend of speed plus attack power.

CONCENTRATION - controls how likely you are to be interrupted when casting a spell. Raising your Concentration will make you less likely for your spell to stop casting when you take damage uring casting. Working on this stat is important for healers who will often be targets but still need to get those spells off.

[ Extra Info: Stats cap ]

Physical defence:
10 pdef = -1 damage

Magic resistance:
10 more magic resistance than your enemy has magic accuracy = +1% chance to resist (Not capped)

10 more accuracy than your enemy has evasion/parry/block = +1% chance to hit the enemy (Not capped)

10 more evasion than your enemy has accuracy = +1% chance to evade (capped at 30%)

10 more parry than your enemy has accuracy = +1% chance to parry (capped at 40%)

10 more block than your enemy has accuracy = +1% chance to block (capped at 50%)

Healing boost:
10 healing boost = 1% increase. (capped at 1000 = 100% increase)

Critical hit:
before 2.5 patch:

Critical hit before 440:
10 crit = 1% increase
Critical hit after 440, but before 600:
20 crit = 1% increase.
Critical hit after 600, but before 1000:
50 crit = 1% increase (1000 has been considered the cap, so max crit rate = 60%).

after 2.5 patch*:

New critical soft-cap: 500
*rely only on this one when u plan to use critical manastones.

Stun/abnormal state resist:
10 stun resist/abnormal state = 1% increase

Elemental defence:
10 elemental defence = -1% from damage (1000 = around -90% damage and that's the highest it gets)

Critical resist (aka strike resist😞
10 critical resist = -10 from your enemy's crit rate.

Critical defence (aka strike fortitude😞
100 strike fortitude = -0.1 critical damage from the enemy's weapon modifier.
For example: a sword critical modifier is 2.2. by adding 100 strike fortitude to counter the enemy critical damage, it will be lowered to 2.1.

Magical Boost (Capped at 2700):

Your character's magic boost divided by your characters knowledge/10 = % increase
For example: sorc's base knowledge = 120, if you want 100% increase you need +1200 magic boost.

cleric's base knowledge is 105, which means they only need +1050 magic boost for +100% increase.

Magical critical hit:

10 = 1% increase (most likely exactly same as physical critical hit)

Attack speed:

The lower you get it, the faster it is. (Capped at 50% of the weapon's
attack speed. For example if you have a bow it's 2.4, meaning the max
attack speed is 1.2)


Basically +1 green attack = +1 damage in PvE (+0.5 in PvP because of the global damage reduction)

Forward Movement gives: (hidden, doesn't show in stats)

+10% Physical Damage

-20% Physical Defense

+10% Magic Damage

-20% Elemental defence

Left/Right Strafe Gives: (hidden, doesn't show in stats)

+300% to Evasion

-70% Physical Damage

-20% Movement Speed

Backward Movement Gives: (hidden, doesn't show in stats)

+500% to Parry

-70%Physical Damage

+500% to Block

-40% Movement Speed

Crit modifiers:

Dagger - 2.3x

Sword - 2.2x

Mace - 2.0x

Greatsword - 1.8x

Polearm - 1.8x

Bow - 1.7x

Staff - 1.7x

[ Armor enchant bonuses ]

+HP (based on the piece and type)

Pauldrons/Boots/Gloves = +2 crit resist/pdef
Pants = +3 crit resist/pdef
Shirt = +4 crit resist/pdef

Plate armor enchantment HP bonuses:
Shirt = +8 HP / enchant
Pants = +6 HP / enchant
Boots/Gloves/Pauldrons = +4 HP / enchant

+10 set = overall +260 HP
+15 set = overall +390 HP

Chain armor enchantment HP bonuses:
Shirt = +10 HP / enchant
Pants = +8 HP / enchant
Boots/Gloves/Pauldrons = +6 HP / enchant

+10 set = overall +360 HP
+15 set = overall +540 HP

Leather armor enchantment HP bonuses:
Shirt = +12 HP / enchant
Pants = +10 HP / enchant
Boots/Gloves/Pauldrons = +8 HP / enchant

+10 set = overall +460 HP
+15 set = overall +690 HP

Cloth armor enchantment HP bonuses:
Shirt = +14 HP / enchant
Pants = +12 HP / enchant
Boots/Gloves/Pauldrons = +10 HP / enchant

+10 set = overall +560 HP
+15 set = overall +840 HP

[ Enchant chances ]

[basic theory] the general
rule is that if you have a white, green or blue item and you want to enchant it, you should use an enchant stone that is at last 15 levels above the item.

to make an example, you should use a lv 55 stone on a lv 40 piece of gear, while for gold items you want to use stones 25 levels above the piece.

white, green and blue items can be upgraded up to +10, gold and orange items up to +15.

[alternative theory] for each level of enchantment you try to attain, you need at least +1 to the current enchantment level + the base level (item's level) for better success rate.

So, a L15 white sword with no enchantments needs a +16 stone.

a +1 L15 white sword needs at least +16 stone to get it to +10, you will want to be using L26+ enchant stones for greatest success rates.

Green items are base level +5.

Blue items are base level +10.

Yellow items are base level +15.

and so on. basically you add +5 per color level.

do keep in mind that this is only about armors and weapons, jewelry is not included in the enchant process.

supplements add 5-10-15% chance (lesser-normal-greater respectively) to succeed with the enchant.


Enchantment stone table (80% to gain max success rate):
Green = stone has to be +15 levels higher than the item
Green crafted = +18 levels higher than the item
Blue = +20 levels higher than the item
Blue crafted = +23 levels higher than the item
Gold = +25 levels higher than the item
Gold crafted = +28 levels higher than the item
Eternal = + 35 levels higher than the item
Eternal crafted = +38 levels higher than the item

Supplement info %

For 80% sucesschance with enchanting an eternal item you need +40lev. Every lev of ench stone give 2% sucessrate - cap 80%.

Only way to get beyond 80% is adding supplements.
lesser 5% / normal 10% / greater 15% sucessrate.

Therefore enchanting a lev60 eternal item with a lev100 stone and greater supps results in 80%(lev100 stone) + 15% (greater supp) = 95% and is max. sucessrate.

Remember though, that this is true for +1 till +10. +11 and beyond there is no info exept that the sucessrate is bad.
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