[Архивный гайд] Danuar Reliquary / Рунадиум 4.0


Командный игрок
Очень хороший и подробный гайд. Будет полезен тем, кто пишет/исправляет скрипты данжей на фришном эмуляторе. Оригинала к сожалению не осталось, пытаюсь сохранить остатки.

This instance brings the attention of many players but to those who are not yet familiar with it will have many difficulties. So here is basic information about the instance.

Elemental Defense Information

Most of the attacks of Modor are water type so winter circle must be activated. The rest of the attacks are earth type damage so summer circle must be activated. Items and properties to increase this type of elemental defense is required, using the right type will take your defense up to 400.

Clerics should change between winter and summer circle during the fight saving the party around 3,000 damage.


With out Winter Circle​

With Water defense up to 400​

Without Summer Circle and 0 defense​

With Summer circle and 400 defense​

Geographical Information


In the center of the map a small circle is where the battle will take place. If you step outside the circle the blue ice will instant kill you. Outside are five pillars, Danuar Witch Modor will jump around in this pillars while she attacks the players.

The Sequence of the Battle

After the warm up period monsters will appear and the fight will begin, you have 15 mins to defeat the witch, this fight is divided in three phases.

- Warm Up

1. Cursed Danuar Witch Modor
2. Treatment Danuar Witch Modor
3. Angry Danuar Witch Modor

Skills Information


Danuar Witch Modor has a wide variety of skills to attack single players​

When the Witch is on top of the pillars the minimum distance to attack is 10m​

Danuar Witch Modor Skills (ground)

*All skills are translated from korea page, in NA servers will be very different. The main pattern the witch does are: Tearing space(ground) – Ghost’s Concussion – Wrath Concussion – Icing Sphere

1. Tearing Space: Teleports to a random pillar or place in the ground
2. Summon Storm: Frontal Damage and silence
3. Multisphere of freezing: Single target damage
4. Icing Sphere: Random area damage, speed reduction
5. Witch Explosion of anger: Wide area stumble damage
6. Aura of explosion: Wide area damage, takes mp away
7. Ghost’s Concussion: Wide area damage
8. Anger Concussion: Wide area damage, stuns the target
9. Cry of vain: Frontal damage
10. Song of Grudge: Blind and silence damage

Danuar Witch Modor Skills (Pillars)

The main pattern the witch does are: Tearing of Space(Pillars) – Freezing Sphere – Icing Sphere - Multisphere of freezing

1. Tearing of Space: Teleport to a random pillar or place in the ground
2. Freezing Sphere: Random wide area damage and the movement speed and attack speed are reduced
3. Icing Sphere: Random damage and movement speed reduction
4. Multisphere of freezing: Big damage to a single target

Monster Summoning

Key patterns: Summon Monster – Tearing of Space (Pillars) – Witch Fury – Icing Sphere

1. Summon Monster: Summons monster(phase one: 3 monsters, phase 3: 4 monsters)
2. Witch Fury: Summon a monster and go up to a pillar. Puts all players in the area on aether hold for 10 seconds

Danuar Witch Modor Physical Skills

The patterns: Physical hit – Multiple Freezing Sphere – Physical hit – Multiple Freezing Sphere – Ghost Sphere

1. Multiple Freezing Sphere: Damage to a single target. At the same time lowers the hp of the target
2. Ghost Sphere: For 10 seconds gathers all group in and makes a powerful wide area damage

Phase 0 Warm Up


Elite Monsters

When you enter the instance, three elite monsters will be there. After Killing them the Danuar Witch Modor will summon this same monsters but harder. When all three monsters are dead the 15 minute timer will start.


· The humanoid monster should be the last to kill, he has more HP than the others and is easy to defeat
· Stun, knock back are skills that will appear when the monsters are summoned, they hit hard
· Spell of Impregnable Fortress, Smoke Shell, Trap of Dust may be used


In phase 3 four monsters will be summoned​

Recover from the stun and kill the humanoid monster last​

Phase 1 Cursed Danuar Witch Modor


This phase is not difficult if you now the attack patterns she uses. The pattern changes when the HP bar is at 75% and summons the monsters and she moves to the pillars. When the HP bar is at 50% the next phase will begin.

HP 100-75%

Witch Explosion of anger -> Multisphere of freezing -> Summon Storm -> Multisphere of freezing -> Anger Concussion -> Summon Storm -> Multisphere of freezing -> Anger Concussion -> Multisphere of freezing -> Icing Sphere -> Witch Explosion of anger -> Witch Explosion of anger -> Tearing space(ground) -> Summon Storm-…


· Then tank should keep aggro at all times, range classes should be at 10m of distance
· Dont touch the blue ice in the floor or it will instant kill you

HP 75-50%

Witch Explosion of anger -> Anger Concussion -> Icing Sphere -> Icing Sphere -> Multisphere of freezing -> Multisphere of freezing -> Ports to pillar(cast fury) -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Anger Concussion -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> …


Leave the humanoid mob for last like you did in the warm up phase.
After killing all monsters all players will get stunt for 10 seconds.
After Porting to a Pillar ice storm will be used, use Greater Healing Potions to take them off.
When the witch goes down to the ground it will use a wide area skill, try to place you at max range.


Tank prepare to get a lot of aggro with all the skills you have​

At 75% of HP prepare for the monster that will be summoned​

Phase 2 Treatment Danuar Witch Modor


After the HP of the witch falls below 50% she will disappear and on top of the pillars 5 witches will appear and only one is the real, when you kill the real witch you will proceed to phase 3.

Physical Attack Patterns

Normal Attack -> Multisphere of freezing -> Normal Attack -> Multisphere of freezing -> Normal Attack-> Ghost Sphere -> Normal Attack -> Multisphere of freezing -> …

· Multisphere of freezing: water defense should be as high as 400, this will reduce approximately 3,200 of damage. Tank should take aggro at all times and players should try to lower the enmity using skills and staying at 15m of the witch.
· Ghost Sphere: Wide area skill, you need to have 400 points of water defense, the attack will hit for 12,000 damage. In order to resist this big skill your party should use Spell of Impregnable Fortress, Armor of Protection I. Magic Resist skills for assassins and rangers can help too.

Depending on the pillar the witch is you can attack or not everyone should avoid the pillar at 22m
A message will come out signaling the real witch for about 10 seconds, use this to determine the times

Phase 3 Angry Danuar Witch Modor


The start of the real battle begins. Danuar Witch Modor will appear with 100% of HP. Physical and Magic Attacks buffs should be put. Summon of monsters can be 3 or 4 times untill the Witch is dead.

HP 100-50%

Witch Explosion of anger -> Icing Sphere ->Multisphere of freezing -> Summon Monster -> Ports to pillar(cast fury) -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Stumble Ground -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Summon Monster -> Ports to pillar(cast fury) -> …


· After the phase 3 starts the witch will summon four monsters and stumble all players in a wide area. Same as before, leave the humanoid to last and leather should use Smoke Shell, Trap of Dust to control the monsters.
· The tank should at all times use taunting skill to gain aggro, she will use a skill to jump in space and appear behind.
· Attention to the number of summoned monsters. Around 50% or less if you still have monsters at this time you should kill them all.

In phase three the Witch Modor will have two types of buffs
When the witch comes the ground it will make two attacks to near players

HP 50-0%

Ground -> Cry of vain -> Sing of Grudge -> Icing Sphere -> Summon Monsters -> Ports to pillar(cast fury) -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Stumble Ground ->Summon Monsters -> Ports to pillar(cast fury) -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) ->Ground(energy blast) ->Summon Storm -> Ports to pillar(cast ice storm) -> Summon Monsters -> Ports to pillar(cast fury) -> …


· Song of Grudge: at 50% of HP Witch Modor will move to the center of the area and will affect all players close to her. The cleric should avoid this and stay far behind and dispelling all the players.


Around 50% she will cast Song of Grudge, extra care should be taken​

Kill the monsters while the witch prepares the skill​

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